Donna Quarles

Donna Quarles

Business & Personal Life Coach

Donna Quarles started her career life in her native New York. She was a successful and accomplished leader in Corporate America for over 25 years; managing and training sales, support and marketing executives…coaching them to be highly successful in their fields.

For the 16 years she was with the onetime telecom giant MCI Communications, Donna was highly regarded in her executive position as Regional Service Manager, producing revenues in excess of $700 Million and receiving honors for her outstanding performance.

Wanting to move to California, but with no positions available within the company, she didn’t let that stop her. She flew out to Cali, met with an executive and created a new position within the company for herself. Not only that, they paid all expenses for her move and housing for a year.

Having moved to California, and at the peak of her career, MCI was purchased. When sensing a major shift was going to happen after that purchase…she listened to her intuition and chose to take a leap of faith and voluntarily leave the comfort of a six-figure income for an unknown next step.

Listening to her intuition regarding MCI was a wise decision. Google it to find out why.

Timing is everything. A week after she chose to leave, she was given devastating news regarding her health…she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The diagnosis brought up a cornucopia of questions with no answers.

What is this disease? Will I still live? What tools do I need? Medications? How will it affect my life and career? How do I move forward ?

All of a sudden, her life was on Pause while she took time to find out the answers to some of those questions.  She had to Coach herself through it and learn to manage this newfound ailment and her career life. With her trademark positive attitude and never playing the victim… She renamed it her “Minor Setback”  and got back to work as a Tech Support Manager for a call center.

She was working in the offices in San Francisco on 9/11 when the planes hit the towers in New York.  As you can imagine, chaos erupted in the office. Though being from New York and having friends and family affected,  It was Donna who had to calm and control the staff, coaching them through to continue to do the job. A testament to her leadership and calming spirit.

Looking for a new challenge, she shifted gears and joined a major marketing and advertising company, where she had great success as a corporate trainer and district sales manager.

It was the training she loved, as it used her expert marketing and business skills and her life coaching skills, to bring out the best in her students to make them successful in their career.

After she was promoted to district manager with the company, she missed the coaching her corporate training job had provided her…and decided to take a leap of faith again.

Armed with the  tools she had developed throughout her corporate career and trusting in her intuitive coaching, she boldly chose the entrepreneur route of going full time into Business and Life Coaching, becoming Certified and part of the International Life Coaching Association.

It has been over 15 years now. She is known for her straightforward New York style but with a contagious positive attitude… and her dedication In helping others get their best life, both personally and professionally. 

Donna is also the resident Life Coach for Voices of Value, a company specializing in motivational books, audio and speaking ; and she is a skilled presenter, frequently requested to deliver presentations on goals setting, leadership and business success for businesses, schools and events.

So Again, she made a great decision in taking that leap of faith.

She no longer has a J-O-B…she has a passion.

Take that leap of faith and give her a call. She’ll help you find your passion.